J. William “Ned” Busch

Principle Consultant

Ned’s background spans the financial spectrum. He has worked in budgeting, accounting and financial analysis for AT&T, financial contract negotiation for MCI along with providing small business consulting. He has done organizational management work with Practical Systems, LLC., located in Washington, D.C., as well as having been a stockbroker with Dean Witter.

Many clients find dealing with daily financial issues too time-consuming and, often, too confusing and complex. The goal of Financial Concierge Services is to simplify and coordinate the life of our clients when it comes to managing their finances.

Senior Finances

Also, when working with our senior-aged clients, Financial Concierge Services strives to keep the senior feeling in control of managing their money and assets.

Financial Conceirge Services is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, an abide by the Association Code of Ethics. All information is kept strictly confidential. Financial Concierge Services has Professional Liability Insurance Coverage.